Friday, September 26, 2008

John Frary, H.L. Mencken, and the RNCC.

“The men the public admire the most are the most daring liars; the ones they detest the most are the ones who try to tell them the truth.” H.L Mencken

This adage must have been running through the minds of the National Republican Congressional Committee when they heard of Professor John Frary’s bid for Congress in the US second district and they decided to not send funds to support him. Though Frary is a Republican, the party elite obviously saw that he was far too supportive of the simple principle of Honesty, and thus unelectable by Mencken’s theory. Note: I say theory and not law…….

Some months ago I began to follow this unique candidate’s campaign against the Democrat incumbent Mike Michaud. I found myself instantly enamored with his style and wit, not to mention his grasp of the issues. I read all of the long and finely written articles, on his website, and I gleaned the local rags, I mean newspapers, for any bits of information I could get about his progress in the race. My friends even would go so far as to bring me articles from papers which I would never dare open myself, such as the Portland Press Herald and the Sunday Telegram.

Well about two weeks ago I read an article linked from the Maine GOP newsletter in which Professor Frary stated:

“He’s the star of his show and also the chief financial backer. The state and national Republican machines have provided no support whatever”. source

As I have but two emotions, those being anger and drinking, I was immediately immersed in the familiar red glow of the former. Obviously I could not have embraced the latter in good conscience, as I received the article while I was at work.

I began to ask around how is it that the republican candidate for the second district had received no support financially whatsoever from the Party? Was it not the party’s duty to promote candidates in the hopes of gaining more seats in the US House of Representatives? Is that not the sole purpose of the RNCC? I began to ask myself “has not the Party been complaining about, and blaming the Democrat majority in Congress for all of its woes? So here was an opportunity to do something about it and in their infinite wisdom the Party decided to step aside.

Now, I am sure that someone, somewhere with an advanced degree in political science and strategy could explain this decision of not funding a Congressional candidate. There would more than likely be some charts and graphs involved, some obscure technical jargon thrown in for good measure, perhaps even a harried volunteer scurrying about carrying coffee and phone messages to the wise one who in careful, condescending tones, attempted to convey the reasoning behind inaction to a Plebeian such as myself. Fortunately, both for me and the Wise one, no such explanation need be given, for though I am of more simple stock than the party elite, I do grasp the basics of the decision.

Using Mencken’s theory as a ruler and quoting the history of the Maine voters electing House Representatives from the Democrat party, the RNCC saw this as a losing race.

Am I still angry about this? Not in the least, for it is my firm belief, that it is through the inaction and dismissive nature of the RNCC that John Frary’s Campaign has not floundered but succeeded. Where ever he goes people want to talk with him about the issues, his website is bubbling with activity, his e-mail and phones are almost unmanageable from all the traffic. There is a buzz about John, which extends further than what the Party Elite with all their theories, charts and graphs could have ever dreamed of being possible.

By not putting money and effort towards the campaign, the RNCC has said that Mencken’s theory applies to the people of Maine. This simply shows how oh so very much those Party hacks are out of touch with our citizens. It is John’s straight forward, honest and open way of speaking about subjects that draws so many to his camp. In stark contrast to his opponent, who when he can complete a sentence does so by repeating what he is told from his Party Chair, John tells it like it is no matter who might be offended . He is not tied financially to some strategist in Washington who wants to promote a certain bill or agenda. That, I believe, is of great significance to the Voters of the second district, and consequently of the Nation as a whole.

The people are wearied of the same old Cardboard cut out political hacks that seem to find their way to the tickets. They are tired of hearing the politically correct doublespeak dribble from the mouths of both Limousine Liberals and Aristocratic Blue bloods. And lastly they are sick of being dealt with as if they have no brains or common sense. If the Party strategists from either side of the aisle could manage to harness this collective disenfranchisement they could sweep elections across the board.

John Frary was asked: How do you want this campaign to be remembered?

Response: “Indomitable crusty old professor takes on Goliath of Hackery in courageous Last Hurrah, written off as also ran, spurts past 40% in the polls and closing fast at the finale. Film at 10.”

This campaign has the chance to be the upset of the new millennia, but they still need help from normal people like you. Contact your local Representatives and ask them to lend a hand. Get the word out, speak to your friends and neighbors, go to John’s website and listen to his speeches, and help debunk the Myth that we need big party backing to elect a person of Character.

The opportunity exists for the voters of the second district to prove not only Mencken wrong, but also those Power brokers of the Party Elite. They have the chance to tell the nation, that they will not fall prey to the “most daring Liars” by rejecting Mencken’s theory and embracing a man who is not only speaking the truth, but also who is trying to bring a modicum of common sense back into the political arena.


the Photo is of a young John Frary contemplating the Federal Budget.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Unpatriotic members of society.

Joe Biden really put his foot in it yesterday on Good Morning America when he said, and I quote:

“it’s time to be patriotic...time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut” by forcing Americans who make over 250 thousand a year to pay higher taxes.”

The implication of this statement is that those persons who make in excess of $250,000 per year are not being patriotic to their country and it is now high time they Pony up. I for one feel that “Uncle Joe Biden” is a bit off the mark here and that not only is his statement completely inappropriate but is not based in any kind of reality. So for my own sanity and for the betterment of my fellow Americans, I feel the need to point out how oh so very wrong Uncle Joe is and the policy he is promoting as well.

First off, let’s look at what the persons of the $250,000 per anum income bracket currently contribute to this nation. I need not go into how much in Tax revenue they throw into the government coffers for that is a given. No what I’m talking about are the intangibles, contributions immeasurable as they bring far greater wealth to this nation than mere dollars.

The persons Uncle Joe feels are unpatriotic are the investors in the Stock markets which have been beaten all to hell as of late through the SEC not doing its job. They are the business owners both large and small; they are mangers, brokers, bankers, and entrepreneurs. These are the unpatriotic souls of our country. These are the very people who have ruined America, or so Uncle Joe wants us to believe.

Really now? Let me ask this: If the investors of the stock markets, which allow business’ to grow and expand, the entrepreneurs, that use creativity and ingenuity to develop new markets and technology, and the business owners who create jobs are unpatriotic, then might I ask what Uncle Joe’s definition of the word is?.

Without these people, jobs would not exist, commerce would wither and die, and we all would be living in a barter economy much like pre-Revolutionary Colonial America. In which we would be dependant on the markets of foreign nations the consequence of which is that they would dictate our economic success or failure. Today, as evidenced by the world markets reaction to the recent crisis, we control not only our markets but also affect directly those of the EU, Asia, and Russia.
The contributions of the targeted part of our society, through the acts of commerce (which generates billions in tax revenue), help keep each and everyone of us safe and secure. The day after 9/11 a man of limited education but great common sense made comment to a small crowd of us stunned citizens. Many were asking what can we do? Some were going to enlist, some volunteer to go help the victims of the attack but many could not make such sacrifices for a variety of reasons such as age and personal resources. It was then that I heard these words;

“The best thing you can do to help your country right now is to work at your jobs. It is the strength of our commerce that will help us defeat our attackers. If we give up in shock then they win for that is just the reaction the Terrorists want.”

He is right, for every foot soldier, sailor, or Airman in the field; there are 30 more in support of that front line combatant. The ammunition, food, clothing, equipment is made by American hands and ingenuity. And the trail need not stop there, for I contend that though the bookseller and the insurance corporation may not have directly distributed hard goods to the military effort, they did so indirectly. That being the taxes generated by the profits of the corporation or business and the personal income taxes of its employees. The monies obtained thereby, can then be used to fuel the tanks, and planes of our brave men and women over seas.

And who runs those businesses’ that have so helped each and every one of us enjoy a standard of living only dreamed of elsewhere? Well according to “Uncle Joe” it’s the most unpatriotic portion of our populace, and they just don’t care about our nation at all.
Perhaps Senator Biden should read a book or two about the economics of WW II and the importance the U.S. economy played in that time period. He just might be surprised at the level of Patriotism exhibited by this most unpatriotic group of evil businessmen.

So what we can conclude is that though Uncle Joe and Commissar Obama want you to believe that patriotism is based upon ones revenue and tax we can see quite easily that this assertion is not only false but completely inane. However I am not surprised at all by this little attack by the “Red Star Duo” for I have seen this type of political ploy before. I read it in the Joseph Stalin Handbook “how to destroy an economy and have the masses thank you.”

By attacking those who’s income seems out of reach for many and by saying that “we are going to tax them and give you a break”, Uncle Joe is creating a class differential one that can be used and exploited not for benefit the millions of Middle Class Americans but for the sole purpose of getting elected.

Add the Capital gains tax plan of these two geniuses, to the mix, and you get quite a mess indeed.

the Photo is Uncle Joe Biden's Harvard Graduation Portrait.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin Action figure?

September 10, 2008

WASHINGTON: Online action figure purveyor Herobuilders, which has a line of popular dolls modelled on politicians of note, has unveiled its latest creation - a 30cm plastic doll of Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Source

My darling wife called me today during my lunch break to tell me about this crazy story and I just had to go look for myself. It seems that for $29.95 one can not only buy a Sarah Palin doll, dressed up in one of three outfits, ( my favorite is the photo above) but also of Barack Obama at the beach and John McCain wearing a Tee shirt. Herobuilder's is currently trying to get the Joe Biden doll up and working but they are having trouble with his hair line.

The Action figure in no way does justice to Govenor Palin, who is, by any one's standards, attractive, Though the outfits are amusing.

I find it interesting that anyone would actually pony up $30.00 for such an item, and once purchased what then? What do you do with a 30 cm doll as an adult? To each his own I guess, I'll not pass judgment on anyone who so chooses to part with their money for such an item.

Why I'll even link you the site to buy your very own Sarah Palin Doll, if you are so inclined.

As I've said many a time, "people are nuts" and this goes to prove my point.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I found this an appropriate cartoon based on my recent rant themes concerning media bias and the contrary stances in the other party.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's the Money Stupid....

For some time now I have been contemplating the issues surrounding the Main Stream Media's coverage of not only the Presidential election but also of the latest Primaries. It has been evident throughout these past 18 months that the large news organizations prefer Senator Barack Obama above all others. Through their very powerful forums, ABC, NBC, and CBS along with their newspaper affiliates have committed about every act of journalistic bias that could possibly be conceived. If you do not know this already my friends, I suggest you turn on the news a few nights this week and take a look at the coverage afforded to the Democrat candidate and compare it to that of the Republican.

What you will find is a disproportionate amount of time is spent on Barack Obama, sometimes as much as twenty minutes in a half hour broadcast, and about 2-3 minutes on Senator John McCain. Along with this slant, you may also notice that the video, still photo's, and sound is in stark contrast and again that it favors the Democrat over the Republican. I will not go into great detail over the unethical nature of this type of reporting, or of the frightening revelation that our news agencies have become mere Propaganda machines, as that is for another time. I wish simply to address two one word questions.

Why? and How?
Now some people believe that the current media bias is a product of liberal colleges and institutions and that those who now are in charge of the networks are of the mindset fostered while they attended those schools and colleges. This has some fact to it, however it is not the whole truth for it takes not into consideration a few factors that must be looked at, such as personal growth, Individual beliefs, values etc. All of us, no matter the school we attended, continue to grow and learn as we age. This growth is fostered through a myriad of ways not the least of which is honest discourse and debate. People discuss topics they find of interest, read up on them and form their own opinions accordingly. With the advent of the Internet the search for information and ideas is but a keystroke away. As each of us gathers more information about a subject we then form our individual beliefs based upon that data. This is important in that it leads to the heart of media bias as a crime. For, if denied varying points of view and ideas, the information by which beliefs are formed is tainted thus lessening the integrity of the decision based upon the slanted view. I digress.

To believe that the network moguls of the "Big Three"(ABC,NBC,CBS) are somehow all of the same mindset, that they have not grown since college and that they wish to further the liberal agendas of the sixties radicals, is hard to swallow. These executives must have great power indeed if they are able to control their tens of thousands of employees with such an iron fist that no dissent ever is heard. They must be men and women of outstanding charisma to convince all of their employees to follow the path of liberalism regardless of that employee's personal beliefs. Look around your workplace and ask yourself this; Do I agree with the politics of everyone in my building? Of course you don't, I bet there are four out of ten people right off the bat that you can think of who vex you with their political outlook. So how is it that the news media organizations with their vast amount of employees have managed to gather up all liberals and radicals? Was there a test? Simply put, the scenario that Americans would work for such places is out of touch with reality. Yes there is a predominance of liberals in journalism today, but the idea that somehow the conspiracy of the current bias stems from a political philosophy is rather weak. I realize that most Journalists are mere cardboard cuts outs sent hither and yon with no thoughts in their head but let's be honest, many are not, and those reporters have ideas, thoughts and beliefs of their own.
So, a core belief in Liberalism, may play a small part in what we are experiencing in the news coverage today, but it cannot be realistically labelled as the main factor.

Here is the "why" of it.
It's the Money stupid.
Lest we forget, the media outlets in this country are business'. They make decisions based upon revenue like every other business in the world and it is their responsibility to make a profit for their stockholders. Simply put.... Barack Obama is good for their business.

How so? well lets look at how the media generates revenue. Newspapers collect a little from readership i.e. those who actually buy a newspaper, but the bulk comes from advertising. The readership is measuring stick by which advertisers decide to spend their budgets with certain papers. The higher the subscription and sales of a newspaper the greater the audience an advertiser has in which to try to sell his/her goods and services. The same goes for television only they base their advertising fees on what is commonly called "Ratings". These ratings are the life's blood of the television and news agencies. High ratings mean they can charge more for advertising time on air, high readership causes rates to go up in newspapers.

So, ultimately the goal of the business side of the media outlets is to either get you to read or watch their shows so that you can help them sell the goods and services of their advertising customers. Up until recently, newspapers have been a great source for advertising dollars, but the Internet, cable news broadcasting and a loss of interest in the printed word overall has caused the decline in readership and so too revenue. The evening news broadcasts are feeling the same pinch in that more and more people are tuning them out and searching the net for their news.
How does Barack change this backward slide? Well, he brings readers and ratings, but not for the reasons that he should.
Barack Obama if elected President would be the first African American (Black) man elected to that high office. Every action he took, be it walking in the rose garden, or speaking with other heads of state, would be historical firsts. People will want to view history in the making and so they will turn on their television sets or buy such rags as the NY Times, or Boston Globe, to get a glimpse of events unfolded never yet to be seen. This means what to the media? Readership, Ratings, and ultimately money. It is in the media's best financial interest to see this man become president so they can ride the commercial wave that will come their way. But at what cost?

The media has chosen the Democrat candidate for the 2008 election through gross propaganda tactics and misinformation. All in the hopes that by electing this man to the Presidency they will fill their coffers and line their pockets. Would that it was Liberal political bias that motivates their prostitution of the journalists trade. For if it was a political philosophy that caused them to deceive America, then at least it would be not so a shameless crime. A crime it is though, for it says to us that no more does merit, integrity or love of country matter, nay, Elections are now about ratings and revenue, and henceforth the media shall decide our fate.