Friday, February 20, 2009

Bill would make road rage a crime in Maine

Bill would make road rage a crime in Maine

Drivers tempted to slow down -- or even tap their brakes once or twice -- when a vehicle behind them is tailgating, might want to think again.
If either a tailgater or a driver of a vehicle being tailgated is deemed to be driving to endanger, that person could lose his or her driver's license. The same goes for a driver who commits an assault in connection with a driving dispute.

Road rage! What a great term.

It sums up, or is supposed to sum up, all the various feelings of frustration that some drivers experience. It also places a label upon the actions of those drivers who, when feeling wronged, act out in a way some perceive as offensive. I am sure there are people out there who do feel rage behind the wheel on a consistent basis. Individuals whose contempt for their fellow human beings know no bounds, and they lash out by honking their horns and displaying a middle finger or two. How frightful!!!!

Yet, I believe that the majority of the populace is not so mentally deranged that they feel the need to physically assault someone for being “Cut Off” or “tailgated”.
But shall we be honest? WE ALL THINK ABOUT IT!

Can you with real conviction say that not once have you ever wanted beat the brains out of the driver before you because they could not maintain a speed? Fluctuating between 20 and 40 mph every 13-30 seconds for miles on end does not do well for the patience. Try not tailgating in that situation…. I personally endure this aggravation 2-3 times a week as some inconsiderate weenie in a Subaru (It’s always Subaru’s) lolly gags along at various speeds while I’m trying to make my way home. I have even tried to take another route to avoid the idiots, but sure enough, I get behind another Git, and another Subaru wagon no matter which way I go.

My rage, legendary and entertaining as it may be, is a natural inclination, it is part of my very being and no law or statute will disperse or diminish that. You cannot legislate nature and as not all human beings are happy go lucky dolts driving around in Subaru wagons, you cannot presume to know what all the other drivers out there are feeling and thinking. Maybe some people feel aggrieved when they are forced to obey the rules of the road while others are not? Perhaps inconsiderate behaviors such as, cutting people off, failing to pass in the passing lane, and not yielding at yield signs, are contributing factors in certain cases of “Road rage”. Just a wild guess on my part but I’m betting this to be the case.

What this Piece of legislation does is:

1. It allows the inconsiderate drivers out there who are the cause of so much discomfort to continue on their merry way.
2. It criminalizes the actions of certain citizens while ignoring the criminal activities of others ( Not Yielding is an offence but lets write the ticket for the guy who protests and gets angry)
3. It removes any and all personal responsibility on the part of the complaintant.
4. Lastly, this Bill allows our Legislature to avoid addressing the real issues such as economic development.

If this Bill passes, I will most assuredly be losing my license to drive at some point. As I said before I am forced to tailgate by the inattentive and poor driving of the other commuters on my route and through no fault of theirs (for how could they be wrong?) I will become angry.

While we have begun the process of Legislating Emotions and Personality types, why not take it to another level and start denying those who are deemed A Type personality the right to drive? Let’s revoke the licenses of all who show any type of emotion, no matter that being happiness, depression, or rage. Better yet, for the crime of being a free thinking human perhaps we could add a small stretch in a labor/re-education camp as a condition of renewal? That would subdue many a citizen into compliance with the State’s wishes.

I guess I’m going to be angry driving home tonight, maybe you should be too.