Monday, June 29, 2009

The Herd.

It seems the “People” of this nation, being enamored and enthralled by entertainments, have come to be much like the Romans. For how else can one explain the over the top fascination with a dead, drug addicted pop star while their government begins to take control of every aspect of their lives? Cap and Trade passed the House Friday last and not so much as a word concerning it. No, all anyone wants to do is think about a creepy Pedophile and ignore the real dangers this Bill presents to the country.

Panem et circenses ( Bread and Circuses)

I remember reading a statement attributed to Alexander Hamilton in which he expressed his contempt for the general population. He labeled the common men and women of this nation “The Herd that walks on two legs.” I was really angered by the arrogance of that statement but more and more each day I am finding he was/is correct in his assessment.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Appeasement: the direct result.

N. Korea threatens US; world anticipates missile

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea accused Washington of seeking to "provoke a second Korean War" as the regime prepared to hold maritime military exercises off the eastern coast.
U.S. and regional authorities were watching closely for signs that North Korea might fire short- or mid-range missiles during the June 25 to July 10 timeframe cited in a no-sail ban for military drills sent to Japan's Coast Guard.

The past few weeks have been full of stories like that above that pertain to North Korea and it's nuclear ambitions. I have been wondering a lot about the situation and have come to some not too popular conclusions about the current "Crisis", to steal a word from the President of the United States.

First, we must look at “Why” has N. Korea become so belligerent?

The argument that the Koreans are making is that nuclear arms are not a commodity exclusive to the United States and that their little nation has every “right” to posses the capacity to bring forth nuclear Armageddon just like us. You will note that within this argument, they never mention either Russia or China. That is because those two powerful nations are N. Korea’s oldest allies. They would not dare offend such strong neighbors, nor do I blame them for leaving the other two super powers out of it. No they focus their attention on the United States and say they have a “right”.

I feel there is some validity to said argument for why can one country have missiles of utter destruction and not another? This seems to go against the very basis of that most wonderful of catch phrases “Global community”. If all are truly equal, as far as nations go in a Global Community, then the point would be moot and the world would have to allow the tiny dictatorship to build a shiny new toy of mass destruction.

However, all nations are not equal, nor for that matter are governments. I find it interesting that a country built upon the backs of the proletariat (yes I’m using Marxist terms here) ruled by mandate and not law, and which thrives upon the subjugation of its own people, can possible argue that they are Equal in the eyes of the world.

A nation that abhors equality pleads for equal status? Does this not strike anyone as odd? Does not the very fact that the Government of N Korea is in essence a dictatorship ruled by a despot disqualify that nation as equal?

Tyranny and dictatorship go against the basis of true government, that being the safety of the lives and property of the citizenry. This is but a fact handed down from Aristotle to Locke. Tyrants and despots violate this basis as they rule by whim and whip not by law or the consent of the people.

Therefore, N.Korea does not have a “right” to nuclear weapons based upon their weak argument of equality. For, they are not equal unto the other nations of the world as they are not a valid government in the first place.

Yet even though their reasoning is faulty, the North Korean government pushes forward with their aspiration to be a nuclear power. I suppose they somehow feel they have the moral upper hand in the matter but I cannot see how they can conclude such. Be that as it may, their motivation is clear, their determination is resolute and they will do everything and anything they can to further their goal.

The second part of the question “why now?” is addressed by not looking towards the far east, but right here in this country, and we can easily attribute the aggression to none other than, your messiah and mine, President Barack Obama.

How so? Simple.

Dictators, Tyrants and Despots are not complete fools, and it is dangerous to think them so. They all have one common ability and that is the way in which they size up the competition and base their postures and attitudes upon their assessment. Not unlike a school yard bully who knows exactly who to push and who to leave alone. They seek out those they perceive as weak or cowardly, and then attempt to inflict their will upon the victims. The more a bully gets away with, the more victims he has, the more powerful he feels which is the goal.

Kim Jong Il has watched the leader of the free world, he who will save us all, President Barack Obama and concluded that he is weak. I am sure he watched with surprised interest as the European Tour was taking place during the election campaign and clapped his hands as the senator apologized to Europe for America’s existence. Since being elected, President Obama has not done a single thing to show that he will stand up to the bullies of the world. He apologized to the Muslim world for our arrogance in Cairo; he has not taken any kind of stand on the Iranian situation as he is afraid of being accused of meddling. Let’s not forget the infamous bowing incident, in which the President of the United States paid homage to a foreign King. (An act of Prostitution unworthy of any person who is free no matter his station in life)

North Korea has been silently watching all of these actions ,or lack of action, by the President of the United States and has come to the only conclusion any schoolboy tough guy could come to. America is no longer the land of the “free and the brave” but of the “dependant and the gutless”.

So when the UN, (that most useless of institutions) imposes sanctions and our President says with a stern voice “I am very concerned about nuclear proliferation”. The North Koreans laughed, and went on their merry way, confident that Barack Obama will, try to appease rather than fight. I wonder if the President has ever heard the story behind Czechoslovakia of 1938 and the appeasement policy of the Western powers?

I suppose not, and more than likely he will end up baring his neck before the little bully of North Korea.