Monday, June 29, 2009

The Herd.

It seems the “People” of this nation, being enamored and enthralled by entertainments, have come to be much like the Romans. For how else can one explain the over the top fascination with a dead, drug addicted pop star while their government begins to take control of every aspect of their lives? Cap and Trade passed the House Friday last and not so much as a word concerning it. No, all anyone wants to do is think about a creepy Pedophile and ignore the real dangers this Bill presents to the country.

Panem et circenses ( Bread and Circuses)

I remember reading a statement attributed to Alexander Hamilton in which he expressed his contempt for the general population. He labeled the common men and women of this nation “The Herd that walks on two legs.” I was really angered by the arrogance of that statement but more and more each day I am finding he was/is correct in his assessment.


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