Friday, September 26, 2008

John Frary, H.L. Mencken, and the RNCC.

“The men the public admire the most are the most daring liars; the ones they detest the most are the ones who try to tell them the truth.” H.L Mencken

This adage must have been running through the minds of the National Republican Congressional Committee when they heard of Professor John Frary’s bid for Congress in the US second district and they decided to not send funds to support him. Though Frary is a Republican, the party elite obviously saw that he was far too supportive of the simple principle of Honesty, and thus unelectable by Mencken’s theory. Note: I say theory and not law…….

Some months ago I began to follow this unique candidate’s campaign against the Democrat incumbent Mike Michaud. I found myself instantly enamored with his style and wit, not to mention his grasp of the issues. I read all of the long and finely written articles, on his website, and I gleaned the local rags, I mean newspapers, for any bits of information I could get about his progress in the race. My friends even would go so far as to bring me articles from papers which I would never dare open myself, such as the Portland Press Herald and the Sunday Telegram.

Well about two weeks ago I read an article linked from the Maine GOP newsletter in which Professor Frary stated:

“He’s the star of his show and also the chief financial backer. The state and national Republican machines have provided no support whatever”. source

As I have but two emotions, those being anger and drinking, I was immediately immersed in the familiar red glow of the former. Obviously I could not have embraced the latter in good conscience, as I received the article while I was at work.

I began to ask around how is it that the republican candidate for the second district had received no support financially whatsoever from the Party? Was it not the party’s duty to promote candidates in the hopes of gaining more seats in the US House of Representatives? Is that not the sole purpose of the RNCC? I began to ask myself “has not the Party been complaining about, and blaming the Democrat majority in Congress for all of its woes? So here was an opportunity to do something about it and in their infinite wisdom the Party decided to step aside.

Now, I am sure that someone, somewhere with an advanced degree in political science and strategy could explain this decision of not funding a Congressional candidate. There would more than likely be some charts and graphs involved, some obscure technical jargon thrown in for good measure, perhaps even a harried volunteer scurrying about carrying coffee and phone messages to the wise one who in careful, condescending tones, attempted to convey the reasoning behind inaction to a Plebeian such as myself. Fortunately, both for me and the Wise one, no such explanation need be given, for though I am of more simple stock than the party elite, I do grasp the basics of the decision.

Using Mencken’s theory as a ruler and quoting the history of the Maine voters electing House Representatives from the Democrat party, the RNCC saw this as a losing race.

Am I still angry about this? Not in the least, for it is my firm belief, that it is through the inaction and dismissive nature of the RNCC that John Frary’s Campaign has not floundered but succeeded. Where ever he goes people want to talk with him about the issues, his website is bubbling with activity, his e-mail and phones are almost unmanageable from all the traffic. There is a buzz about John, which extends further than what the Party Elite with all their theories, charts and graphs could have ever dreamed of being possible.

By not putting money and effort towards the campaign, the RNCC has said that Mencken’s theory applies to the people of Maine. This simply shows how oh so very much those Party hacks are out of touch with our citizens. It is John’s straight forward, honest and open way of speaking about subjects that draws so many to his camp. In stark contrast to his opponent, who when he can complete a sentence does so by repeating what he is told from his Party Chair, John tells it like it is no matter who might be offended . He is not tied financially to some strategist in Washington who wants to promote a certain bill or agenda. That, I believe, is of great significance to the Voters of the second district, and consequently of the Nation as a whole.

The people are wearied of the same old Cardboard cut out political hacks that seem to find their way to the tickets. They are tired of hearing the politically correct doublespeak dribble from the mouths of both Limousine Liberals and Aristocratic Blue bloods. And lastly they are sick of being dealt with as if they have no brains or common sense. If the Party strategists from either side of the aisle could manage to harness this collective disenfranchisement they could sweep elections across the board.

John Frary was asked: How do you want this campaign to be remembered?

Response: “Indomitable crusty old professor takes on Goliath of Hackery in courageous Last Hurrah, written off as also ran, spurts past 40% in the polls and closing fast at the finale. Film at 10.”

This campaign has the chance to be the upset of the new millennia, but they still need help from normal people like you. Contact your local Representatives and ask them to lend a hand. Get the word out, speak to your friends and neighbors, go to John’s website and listen to his speeches, and help debunk the Myth that we need big party backing to elect a person of Character.

The opportunity exists for the voters of the second district to prove not only Mencken wrong, but also those Power brokers of the Party Elite. They have the chance to tell the nation, that they will not fall prey to the “most daring Liars” by rejecting Mencken’s theory and embracing a man who is not only speaking the truth, but also who is trying to bring a modicum of common sense back into the political arena.


the Photo is of a young John Frary contemplating the Federal Budget.


Anonymous said...

Well, I plan on voting for Frary. I used the link on your website to visit his, and decided that although I didn't agree with everything he might want to accomplish I did resepect his character enough to want him in office.

Don't get your hopes up. I'm still voting against McCain/Palin. ;)


Peg said...

Bravo! I have never in my entire life worked for a candidate, and yet I toil at a keyboard in unremitting solitude for the Frary campaign. The reason I do this? The exact ones captured so eloquently on your blog. I heard the good Professor on my local morning radio talk show and immediately emailed him when I got to work. In the exchange of emails I was duly impressed with not only his wit, wisdom and grasp of the issues, but his overall integrity and honesty. Here is a truly honest man! You may not always agree with him but he will, without a doubt, give you what you have never before gotten from a politician anywhere since the early days of the Republic (and, in most cases, not even then), the truth. Now, more than ever, we need people like him. The RNCC be damned!

Anonymous said...

I happen to think John Frary is one of the most refreshing characters to ever grace the political arena.
I plan on giving him my vote.

Anonymous said...

The Professor will be the successor to the AFL-CIO puppet, because he's no Pinnochio.

Be prepared for the biggest political upset in Maine history. I sent him $300 and would send him more if I had it. Finally a politician who is willing to put his money where his mouth is.

The campaign has only been benefited by the complete silence and absence of his competitor.

It's like Where's Waldo trying to find Mike in the 2nd District. Have you seen him?


John said...

Dear Tuna et al!

How can you sit there and say you are for JF but against the Mclain/Palin ticket. I am orginally from Chicago, where dirty politics is just the tip of the iceberg. That Democrat Party machine is built on terror and retaliation tactics. My Uncle had to leave Chicago before he was killed or maimed because he would not pay protection money for his business (to stay in business). Some of that money went up the line to the polictical machine to keep them in power. But I guess you figure that that is OK? Well I do not! I won't vote for a Socialist either and that is what Barack Huessin O is-- a Socalist at best and a Communist at his worst. Look at who he palled and continues to pal around with? Not the decent sort that espouses life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. His is all doom and gloom. His half hour program this week showed his lack of spirit or affection for America.
AND, I believe that he is not a natural born citizen of the USA. His refusal to produce a birth certificate shows me, he has something to hide. Is it possible that his grandmother in Kenya is right? Since the Govenor of Hawii has frozen the records, we can't get to ground zero. Very convenient timing that he had to make a trip there--isn't it? Or do you believe in the tooth fairy and it was just a coincidence? My, my how things like that just happen for him!
Well enough of this, because what ever I have said or would say will have no effect on you--I am sure. BHO has so many people hoodwinked, it is much more scary then a very good Vampire costume. But I do admire you for voting and doing your duty as you see it for this country. I spent 21 years in the US Navy so you could continue to live free.

God bless and keep you and yours,
A. John

PS I have said many times, be very careful for what you wish for, as you may just get it. AJ