Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sooeyyyy ,Sooeyy

Sooeyyyy ,Sooeyy

When the pig farmer calls his hogs to the trough, he yells Sooeyyy, Sooeyyy, as a notice that its time to feed. The hogs come a running through the muck and mire, jostling one another and squealing as they race to be the first. Little nips and bites occur as each tries to establish his or her place at the bin of food. If the herd is comprised of larger animals for breeding this event can be quite violent. We have all heard the tales of people falling into a pig pen during feeding.

Well it seems its feeding time.

As Chellie Pingree, Mike Michaud, Sue Collins and Olympia Snowe all dance around in glee over their support for the Porkulus package they are screaming Sooeyyy, Sooeyyy, calling our towns and cities to the bin. Ms Pingree has even assigned a point person to help some of the more feeble piggies get to the feast. Titled “Recovery Czar” this new bureaucrat will “field inquiries from municipalities, businesses, individuals and organizations interested in funding or how it will work.”

Interesting choice of name, Czar. If my history studies are correct the Czars of Russia where what we might call Kings. They ruled Russia as a Monarchy for 300 plus years until through their decadence, and foolish handling of the economy the people rebelled. That rebellion, brought on by hunger, injustice and loathing of the aristocratic class and its lifestyle was the beginning of one of the most terrible nations our earth has borne witness to, the Soviet Union.

I do not like the idea of a Czar, in any form, any more than I like the concept of a King. The term brings up images of one like Czar Alexander II who thought he was directly ascended from God, and that his word was the will of God himself. I suppose for those who know not what the term means using the title flippantly could be excused. Not unlike excusing a child of their ignorance on matters worldly, when they attempt to explain concepts beyond their reach.

Mike Michaud, has created two different two guides -- one aimed at municipalities, the other at small businesses and individuals -- to answer questions about how the stimulus will affect Maine and how different groups can use it.

How nice, though at first Mike stood tall against this bill, it seems he is now on board fully. For sure Lewiston, that fairest of Maine cities, along with Portland will be the biggest beneficiaries of the Stimulus/taxpayer dollars as they have 72 ready to go projects between them. Perhaps this was what changed his stance, for we all know Mike has a soft spot in his huge heart for Lewiston, that gem beside the Androscoggin.

Governor Baldacci licking his thin lips in anticipation of new funds to pilfer, rubbed his weak hands together and smiled……….

So come all ye hungry piggies, line up to the call, and take another bite out of what made this Nation great. Your master is calling ye……

Piss Off

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