Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Change we can believe in

Amusing? Well a little when you think about it, but for me this little cartoon sums up what we can all expect for the next four years.
Did you know that the Obama Bailout... ahem I mean Stimulus package is projected to cost more than one Trillion dollars? That is more than was spent on the New Deal, and Reconstruction, and just shy of what was spent on World War II. You would think that with the complete and utter failure of the previous Stimulus package put out by the Bush administration this past spring our new President would have come up with something novel. I thought this was going to be the Presidency of change, innovation and hope? I guess not, for it looks to me that the new boss is same as the old boss with a whole new gallery of idiots to help him along the way.
Speaking of idiots, I can now officially terminate my plans for a vacation to Minnesota. If the Citizens of that state are so foolish as to elect a bad comedian to the Senate, then who knows what they might do to tourists? Think about it.... They are cannibalising the Senate by electing Al Franken so one can only deduce that cannibalism is in their nature. I don't want to end up in a large black kettle with hedonistic Minnesotans dancing around me wearing Al Franken masks while I cook. Better to avoid that situation all together don't you think?
Another of our most popular idiots of the week is Senator Harry Reid. Harry took time from his all loving, awestruck praise, of the President elect to actually take a stand on an issue. Pulling his nose from the floor, Senator Reid made clear that Roland Burris would not be allowed into the Senate for the man who chose him Govenor Blagovitch is under indictment. Good for you Harry!!! way to make a stand!!! Just one thing though, The US. Constitution gives the Govenor of a state the power to appoint members to congress when a seat becomes vacated. So though you may feel morally superior at the moment, what you really should be feeling is shame. Shame that you don't even know enough about the laws that rule this land to make even the simplest decisions yet you are a Legislator? Might I suggest you put your nose back on the floor in Praise of he who will save us all and stop pretending to be that which you are not? Intelligent.

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